MATRASManufacturing Technology for Complex Geometries based on Rational Splines
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So-and-so, my lassie is thriving well, but would it no' be more to the point to say, "O matra pulchra filia pulchrior"?' which astounded them very much if she managed to reach the end without being flung, but usually she had a fit of laughing in the middle, and so they found her out.
Over the past two decades, Matras has held leadership roles at a number of global consumer companies including PepsiCo, Kraft Foods, the Wrigley Company and ConAgra Foods.
"As immigration and the arrival of overseas students to the city continues, it's fair to say that this already large list (of languages spoken in the Manchester) is set to grow," Matras added.
Melbourne, for example, is famous for its many languages, but as it tends to have very established communities, it will be less diverse than Manchester," Matras explained.
Interestingly, the same pattern has been preserved in other Para Romani varieties such as Angloromani (Matras, p.c.) and Spanish Para-Romani (Calo) (Bakker 1995: 131).
Matras (2002: 248) suggests that the function of maintaining the original vocabulary but abandoning the original grammar is that of "identity-flagging and secret communication".
As Matras notes, it is particularly used within an "emotive mood" (2008: 9), and thus will neither be used when being elicited, nor in the presence of outsiders, such as researchers.
2SG is, according to Matras (2002: 247) the Romani genitive tiro, contaminated with the Norwegian din 'your'.
Known by Matra as Project P, it was seen as a replacement for the MatraSimca Rancho.
Polyester body panels had previously been used for Matra's performance cars, and the company could claim to be a world-leader with this technology.
Although it was the first of its kind in 1984 when Matra developed it for Renault, the fourth generation Espace - launched this summer - faces ever-tougher competition, including the Peugeot 807, and Citroen C8.
I Renault have decided to stop production of the Avantime, an MPV-type coupe based on the Espace, built at Matra's factory at Romorantin, (Loir-et-Cher) in France.