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114 his suspicion is, with much greater probability, directed at matris, which he tentatively proposes to replace with fictor; though this has plenty of Manilian point, it leaves the origin of matris unexplained, and perhaps it is not surprising that Housman does not mention it in his ed.
Following Pasiphae, Phaedra's desire "knows how to sin in forests" (matris agnosco malum: / peccare noster novit in silvis amor, 114).
Finally, I also spotted two straightforward typos: in volume 1, page xxix, lines 1 to -2, the transposed "two these extremes" should read "these two extremes." More seriously, in volume 1, page 45, the "Parallel Traditions" section of the entry for Cambridge University Library MS Kk.6.2, a copy of the Filius Matris cycle, sends the reader off to look for another copy in British Library MS Harley 2776, but this should in fact read 2276--the reference is given correctly on the next page and in volume 2.
vocare Eucharisdam, <<Panem meum>>; quia, ut docet Aristoteles (...) filius est pars ipsius patris ac matris (...).
Cyrene's presence is once again an essential component of Virgil's model pedagogy when Aristaeus returns to the grove after his sacrifice to the nymphs: Haud mora: continuo matris praecepta facessit; ad delubra venit, monstraras excitat aras, quattuor eximios praestanti corpore tauros ducit et intacta totidem cervice iuvencas.
The concept of "amor matris," or mother love, displays the power of the mother's fertility.
"In Nomine Matris" (Sa Ngalan ng Ina) won the Asian/American Best Feature Film award in the said film contest, according to FilipinoAmerican film director Will Fredo.