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MATRONManually-Activated Timed Recording of Noise (Bruel & Kjaer, UK brand-name)
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With these words, the matron dropped into her chair, and, once more resting her elbow on the table, thought of her solitary fate.
'Dear me!' exclaimed the matron, in a much sweeter tone, 'is that Mr.
The matron expressed her entire concurrence in this intelligible simile; and the beadle went on.
"The matron has friends in France," she answered, "who are connected with the military hospitals.
In short, the business of manufacturing the more fanciful viands was fast passing out of the hinds of maids and matrons in private families, and was becoming the work of a special commercial organ.
I am not ignorant that this sort of thing is called the inevitable course of civilization, division of labour, and so forth, and that the maids and matrons may be said to have had their hands set free from cookery to add to the wealth of society in some other way.
That note, scribbled in pencil, sent through the matron, was unbusinesslike as well as cruel, and decreased at once the value of the woman who had written it.
She's not in collusion with the matron. I'm absolutely certain of it.
it won't bear thinking of, indeed,' cried the matrons generally; 'but it'll all come home to him, never fear.'
Then, the matrons again expatiated on the expediency of taking the good gentleman to bed; observing that he would be better tomorrow, and that they knew what was the wear and tear of some men's minds when their wives were taken as Mrs Kenwigs had been that day, and that it did him great credit, and there was nothing to be ashamed of in it; far from it; they liked to see it, they did, for it showed a good heart.
Get the matrons together, and go with offerings to the temple of Minerva driver of the spoil; there, upon the knees of Minerva, lay the largest and fairest robe you have in your house--the one you set most store by; promise, moreover, to sacrifice twelve yearling heifers that have never yet felt the goad, in the temple of the goddess if she will take pity on the town, with the wives and little ones of the Trojans, and keep the son of Tydeus from off the goodly city of Ilius, for he fights with fury, and fills men's souls with panic.
His mother went into the house and called her waiting-women who gathered the matrons throughout the city.