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MATSMid-America Trucking Show (Louisville, KY)
MATSMilitary Air Transport Service
MATSMaster of Arts in Theological Studies (degree)
MATSMontgomery Area Transit System (Montgomery, Alabama)
MATSManual of Air Traffic Services
MATSMuskegon Area Transit System
MATSMaterial Squadron (USAF)
MATSMichigan Association of Township Supervisors
MATSMobile Automatic Telephone System
MATSMateriel Armywide Tracking System
MATSMaterial Acquisition Technical Support
MATSMetro Access Transmission Services Inc
MATSMultiple Address Translation Services
MATSManagement Action Tracking System
MATSMetallic Access and Test System
MATSMaintenance and Traffic Simulator
MATSMultiparticipant Airbattle Training System
MATSMore Able and Talented Students
MATSManpower Authorization Tracking System
MATSMetropolitan Area Transport Service
MATSMultiple-Antenna Transmission System
MATSManual-Automatic Transmission Study
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The mats are also backed with a non-skid surface to ensure that they stay put at all times whilst in use, avoiding any potential trip hazards.
If left untreated, mats can cause skin irritation and uncomfortable pulling of the hair.
The Timez5 prayer mat is highly recommended by physiotherapists, and is used by patients with neurological conditions.
The luxury mats, made of pure chamois or silk, are designed with a light, flexible and comfortable inner lining and are easy to fold and drape after use.
WEIGHT: While thin mats may be less expensive, they are easily displaced by the door, wheeled carts or just general foot traffic.
Already well known in commercial and industrial settings, anti-fatigue mats are "relatively new in the consumer home market and offer an opportunity for educating the retail buyers of the benefits associated with a true anti-fatigue comfort mat for the home," said Philip Risk, CEO, Sublime Marketing Group LLC, which sells the Imprint mat brand.
The Welsh Short Mat Bowls Association is the governing body of the game in Wales.
New GoodNites Bed Mats feature adhesive strips to adhere to the top of a child's fitted sheet and help the product stay in place all night long.
You insert your phone into a special Power Mat case or "receiver" to start, then position the phone on the mats charging area until a light along with a confirming "chirp," signals that charging has begun.