MATTRMidcourse Architectural and Terminal Tier Review
MATTRMean Active Time to Repair
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Consequently, Betz's challenge to those who would operate closer to the mainstream of Q scholarship, and have recourse not infrequently to MattR and LukeR, is that `very definite reasons will have to be given for any characteristic difference between the SM and the SP that is attributed to the evangelists' redaction rather than to their sources' (p.
Is MattR a rewriting of an original quartet, itself an editorial expansion of an underlying trio promising the future kingdom of God and thus the divine solution of the human problem of poverty/grief/hunger, eliminated in favour of a pre-Matthean collection to which the evangelist made absolutely no contribution?
Tiiney wrote <a> Tragedy of this mattr <[]> hee named Estrild: <&[]> J think is this.
In general, pro-choice refers to individuals who advocate that abortion is a private mattr involving a woman's personal choice.
Goulder argues that the minor agreements are all due to MattR of Mark, and the agreements in Luke show Lukan dependence on Matthew.