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MATTSMarine Asset Tag Tracking System (Department of Homeland Security)
MATTSMid-America Time Trial Series (racing)
MATTSMobile Air Transportable Telecommunications System
MATTSMultiple Airborne Target Trajectory System
MATTSMid-Atlantic Turtle and Tortoise Society, Inc. (est. 1997; Baltimore, MD)
MATTSMission Analysis Tracking and Tabulation System
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Scott, you can't break 'm apart that way," Matt said at last.
This accomplished, he pried gently and carefully, loosening the jaws a bit at a time, while Matt, a bit at a time, extricated White Fang's mangled neck.
"Matt, how much is a good sled-dog worth?" Scott asked.
Now, although I had been eager to see Black Matt kill Tom Morrisey that morning, I did not care to furnish to the dancers the spectacle of a knife sticking in my back.
Any Member of this Committee going back almost three decades could tell story after story about Matts sharp intellect, incredible recall, and dedication to serving the American people.