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MATTYMoving Annual Total This Year
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"While the Army AI Task Force didn't necessarily sponsor that work, we're benefiting from it," Matty said.
"It was an excellent individual performance from Matty which gives him automatic entry into next year's top amateur tournament, the Brabazon Trophy."
Just like Sean, it was the grassroots environment where Matty learned his trade with North Shields Athletic Juniors before being snapped up by United's Academy.
And Matty feels that in order for him to be respected by the other lads, for him to be a "proper man", he has to be like one of those guys.
MATTY FINDS OUT THAT THESE SO-CALLED MATES HAVE BEEN SAYING HURTFUL THINGS BEHIND HIS BACK...This is the thing - in Matty's head he thinks it's all going well - he thinks he's doing the right thing knocking around with these guys.
Manager Michael Flynn said: "It's very good news Matty has resigned.
Matty is stressed by everything to do with his operation During the meeting she does all the talking as the doctor explains the procedure, but Matty is left fuming at her interference and makes it clear he doesn't want her speaking for him, and he doesn't want her at the hospital tomorrow.
At the hospital, Matty is angry at Moira for doing most of the talking on his behalf and forbids her from attending the operation the next day.
Tim will be filming Still Open All Hours with Sir David Jason in South Yorkshire at the time - but says he wouldn't miss Matty's appearance for the world.