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Khalid is presented a kris which Datu Matu inherited from his father, Datu Malik.
Matu Ram said Grewal met him and six other soldiers in their native village of Obra situated at the Rajasthan border on Govardhan festival a day after Diwali.
Tji matu tara kekwamo retu roupamwe, tu kara kamwaha okuhungamasana ohunga notjia ngamwa atjihe tji matji tu kende nu mongaro yOvaherero omundu ko i kerumbi roye o tja, 'ami hi nohange na ihi.
Seifert K, Matu S, Perez-Victoria J, Castanys S, Gamarro F, Croft SL.
2m was provided by the Homes and Communities Agency and Baggi Matu, investment and regeneration manager for HCA Midlands, said: "We are really pleased that our investment has enabled Waterloo and North Warwickshire Borough Council to transform these homes for the local community.
Jis teigia, kad VaR dazniausiai siu salygu netenkina ir pateikia sarasa galimu matu, tinkanciu rizikai matuoti, is kuriu galima isskirti CVaR (angl.
Yo si lo quiero, lo hago, soy libre de hacerlo, he ahi el punk" (Entrevista Matu, 2008).
While Alvaro XIII and his successor Rafael had been his hardiest and most dangerous foes at the start of his reign, Pedro's later rival would be Garcia Bwaka Matu, whose center at Makuta grew from nothing to a major commercial center controlling the trade routes from the northeast through Nsundi to the Congo River and the coast.
The three commanders, Mullah Idrees, Mullah Abdul Ali and Mullah Matu Khan, were captured with three bombs, nine Kalashnikovs and two motorcycles during the operations during last two weeks.
In the first ambush in which Kaninda participates, his superior Sergeant Matu is situated on a ridge above his subordinate soldiers, "commanding his platoon to hold their positions, in place himself to shoot any man who didn't" (120-21).