MAUCMuseu de Arte da UFC (Brasil)
MAUCMexican American Unity Council, Inc. (San Antonio, TX)
MAUCMean Acquistion Unit Cost
MAUCMulti-Class Area Under the Curve
MAUCMcMurdo Area User Committee
MAUCMoving Average Unit Cost (manufacturing)
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The Westgard-like algorithm and the aggregations of Z-values tended to have a higher mAUC than the simple QC parameters they combined.
When internal QC measurements were disturbed (by increased imprecision, by a relative bias, or by a constant bias), the mAUC of single control measurements decreased by >20% (e.g., vitamin D3).
When medians were disturbed (by removal of one-third of all samples or by a constant increase of all patient true values), the mAUC of medians also decreased by up to 20% (e.g., albumin).
In addition to this information campaign, the MAUC works all year long with different instruments in order to avoid and minimise potential risks.
Tenders are invited for supply of paper and cardboard for the mauc press
The meeting ends on Friday with the closing session, in charge of the General Director of United Nations and Human Rights of the MAUC, Marcos Gmez.
Contract notice: comprehensive maintenance service of buildings, general, computer and audiovisual installations and distribution of documentation and internal movement of the mauc