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MAUDMaster of Architecture in Urban Design (degree program)
MAUDMunicipal Administration and Urban Development
MAUDMilitary Application of Uranium Detonation (WWII II committee)
MAUDMilwaukee Associates in Urban Development (now Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee; Milwaukee, WI)
MAUDMankind's Advancement, Upliftment and Development (Ghana)
MAUDMite-Associated Ulcerative Dermatitis
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'I am gratified,' said Arthur, ponderously--in happier moments Maud had admired his gift of language; he read a great deal: encyclopedias and papers and things--'I am gratified to find that you had time to bestow a glance on me.
For a day or two Maud was happier than she ever remembered to have been.
Maud, looking up from her work, would see the frown and the bitten lip.
"So that as he evidently isn't coming," Maud laughed, "it's particularly flattering!
"You deserve that I should have spread it out on my dressing-table- -or left it, better still, in Maud Blessingbourne's room."
A great peacock strutted proudly across the walk before them, and, as Richard ran, childlike, after it, Lady Maud hastened on to the little postern gate which she quickly unlocked admitting her lover who had been waiting without.
De Vac clapped his hand over the child's mouth to still his cries, but it was too late, the Lady Maud and her lover had heard, and in an instant they were rushing toward the postern gate, the officer drawing his sword as he ran.
But handicapped by the struggling boy he had not time to turn the key before the officer threw himself against the panels and burst out before the master of fence, closely followed by the Lady Maud.
"I want to go down, but I dars n't, it 's so steep," said one of these "common children," as Maud called them.
"I should n't think you 'd make him laugh, when he 's always making you cwy," observed Maud, who had just come in.
His captain could have killed him, and I doubt not that blood would have flowed had not Maud Brewster been present.
Yet I knew I must control myself for Maud Brewster's sake, and I received my reward when her eyes caught mine for a fleeting second, and they said, as distinctly as if she spoke, "Be brave, be brave."