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In some of the larger towns there are artels of a much more complex kind-- permanent associations, possessing large capital, and pecuniarily responsible for the acts of the individual members." The word "artel," despite its apparent similarity, has, Mr Aylmer Maude assures me, no connection with "ars" or "arte." Its root is that of the verb "rotisya," to bind oneself by an oath; and it is generally admitted to be only another form of "rota," which now signifies a "regimental company." In both words the underlying idea is that of a body of men united by an oath.
Must pay Saxon toll on Saxon land, my proud Maude, for all your airs and graces."
"I have sought you everywhere, dear Lady Maude," said he in a piping voice, springing down from his horse and holding the stirrup.
Caring and funny but at the same time dramatic and touching, Harold and Maude "has touched the soul of the audience whenever and wherever it went," say the production's organisers.
British actor Nicholas Maude, who will play Bill in a one-off Mamma Mia!
The Meriden-based agency has recruited Mr Maude, who served on the Commons' front bench for more than two decades, as its non-executive chairman, while Bruce Hutton joins as group chief executive.
Maude is not always a likeable heroine, and many of the tropes in this story--best friends growing apart when separated by college, adopted teens searching for birth parents--are familiar.
Maude, 62, who now lives in Wakefield Road, Normanton, West Yorkshire, was charged with failing to ensure suitable environment for the kittens along with a dog named Rusty, and failing to protect them from pain, suffering, injury or disease through dumping the cats and letting the dog loose.
Lord Maude and I are here to show how the UK Government can help.
It marks a return to the esplanade for a boat which, in September 1962 and with Steven's dad Bryan Maude at the helm, landed a 9.5lb lobster - still believed to be the largest ever caught at Redcar.
GOVERNMENT minister Francis Maude was treated to traditional Nepalese food when he paid a short visit to Nuneaton.