MAUHSMount Anthony Union High School (Bennington, VT)
MAUHSMt. Abraham Union High School (Bristol, VT)
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& MAUHS, J., 2004.--Atropelamento de animais silvestres na rodavia RS-040.
Most of the animal roadkills were mammals, a result also found by Rosa and Mauhs (2004) and by Melo and Santos-Filho (2007); while Prado et al.
In some regions the mortality of wild animals varies seasonally (MELO; SANTOS-FILHO, 2007; ROSA; MAUHS, 2004; TURCI; BERNARDE, 2009).
thous and vultures on the GO-060 can be roadkilled on roads when they are attracted to feed on carcasses (ROSA; MAUHS, 2004).
Mauhs and Director of Conservation Education Clayt Seagears that said: "This certifies that Chad Covey has completed a training course at a Conservation Education Camp of the New York State Conservation Department and thus is qualified not only to use more wisely our vital resources of soil, water, forests, fish and wildlife but also to pass the work along." I also brought home a good idea of what I wanted to be: something called a Forester.
(2007), Marchioretto, Mauhs e Budke (2007) e Athayde et al.
A fenofase queda de folhas foi de intensidade reduzida para a maioria das especies, com os individuos possuindo baixa sincronia, ocorrendo num ritmo estavel durante a maior parte do ano, concordando com Marchioretto, Mauhs e Budke (2007) e Andreis et al.
Ja Marchioretto, Mauhs e Budke (2007) observaram que todas as especies floresceram com ritmos diferentes ao longo do ano, sendo que em setembro e outubro, houve um incremento de especies em floracao.