MAUHSMount Anthony Union High School (Bennington, VT)
MAUHSMt. Abraham Union High School (Bristol, VT)
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2007); 211 vertebrates in a stretch of BR-070 in Mato Grosso State (MELO; SANTOS-FILHO, 2007); 90 vertebrates on RS-040 (ROSA; MAUHS, 2004); 58 mammals on parts of BR-472 and BR-290 in Uruguaiana-Rio Grande do Sul State (TUMELEIRO et al.
In some regions the mortality of wild animals varies seasonally (MELO; SANTOS-FILHO, 2007; ROSA; MAUHS, 2004; TURCI; BERNARDE, 2009).
thous and vultures on the GO-060 can be roadkilled on roads when they are attracted to feed on carcasses (ROSA; MAUHS, 2004).