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MAUMMusée Acadien de l'Université de Moncton (Moncton, NB, Canada)
MAUMMovement Against Uranium Mining (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
MAUMMulti-Attribute Utility Model
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Maum deftly manipulates this tantalizing setup to raise provocative questions about why so many of us seem to be happier tapping and swiping than we are in encounters with real human beings and what it might take to change that behavior.
Maum is abundantly gifted, funny, openhearted.xreating that rare thing: a book for everyone."
The amazing view from the top includes the Aran Islands, Galway Bay, The Twelve Pins and the Maum Turk Mountains.
Perhaps sensitive to criticisms of her own homeopathic practice, Towne developed a deep respect for Maum Katie, a healer: "a great 'spiritual mother,' a fortuneteller, or rather prophetess and a woman of tremendous influence over her spiritual children.
Sensing her approaching death, Hephzibah (Frampton) entrusted her namesake daughter to her two house slaves, Jack and Maum Jean, with instructions to take the baby to the Frampton family home on Edisto.
Maum Meditation and the Open Door Presbyterian Church both had their own booths, and promoters of the musical The Covenant Journey went around passing out flyers.
"Toward a Theology of Maum: The Broken Body of God and the Broken Bodies of Comfort Women."
The abolitionist Metta Fuller Victor's Maum Guinea and Her Plantation "Children" is a historical novel produced cheaply along the lines of dime novels; its lengthy account of Nat Turner's Rebellion purportedly reached one hundred thousand readers, including Union soldiers (French 120).
It was the servants, especially Lavina Berry, "Maum Vinner," who brought Peterkin out of her depression by urging her to let go of her anger and assume her responsibilities as mistress of the plantation.
Atlanta Maum Meditation Center New, proven technique cleanses your mind and body, allowing you to discover your true mind.
Just six months before her second birthday, her mother died, and a Gullah woman, whom Peterkin fondly referred to as "Maum Patsy," took charge of her upbringing.