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MAUPModifiable Areal Unit Problem
MAUPMovement Against Uranium Project (India)
MAUPMost Acidic Urinary Protein (molecular biology)
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La descripcion detallada de la metodologia, asi como la interpretacion del resultado de las primeras campanas de trabajo, se encuentra publicada en un reciente trabajo (Garcia Sanchez y Cisneros 2013) que profundiza en el sistema de registro de artefactos de forma individualizada para facilitar su analisis conforme a geometrias creadas de forma artificial en un entorno SIG, lo que permite elaborar una reflexion sobre el mencionado MAUP y su persistencia en el estudio de prospecciones arqueologicas a escala regional.
With regard to the MAUP, this study examines areal units that are both publically available from the census and being used by other researchers.
MAUP is not in downtown Kiev, with its gloriously ornate pre-war architecture and post-independence hip-urban vibe, but in a sprawling neighborhood congested with cars and the detritus of ongoing construction.
Pour limiter la portee du MAUP, ou plutot pour en stabiliser l'effet sur l'ensemble de notre periode d'etude, nous utiliserons un groupe de 638 unites geographiques.
The MAUP refers to the bias that can be built into analyses as a result of the use of units of analysis that may be the product of administrative or political convenience rather than sound empirical principles.
According to Jewish organizations, MAUP accounted for nearly 90 percent of all anti-Semitic material published in the country during the period covered by this report.
Techniques are currently being developed to deal with the MAUP, but are outside of the scope of this article.
The MAUP problem arises due to the uncertainty induced by the aggregation process.
The MAUP is a common ailment of many spatial analyses, but unfortunately there is no easy cure.
According to Jewish organizations, MAUP accounted for nearly 85 percent of all anti-Semitic material published in the country during the year.
A degree of caution should be applied when interpreting these differences, not only because of the MAUP noted earlier, but also because the area differences will in part reflect differences in the population structures living in each location (an example of the ecological fallacy).