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MAUPModifiable Areal Unit Problem
MAUPMovement Against Uranium Project (India)
MAUPMost Acidic Urinary Protein (molecular biology)
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Dado que los limites de estos ultimos no varian una vez establecidos, los problemas derivados del MAUP estan ausentes en el estudio de la evolucion temporal de la variable, lo que no ocurriria si se empleasen las secciones censales.
This scale-flexible nature can be useful to researchers and policy makers to examine the effectiveness of planning and policies targeted at multiple scales or the impacts of MAUP.
El problema de unidad de area modificable (MAUP) (3) se relaciona con el hecho de que las medidas para datos transversales son sensibles a los niveles de agregacion y a las combinaciones de unidades contiguas que se realizan (Anselin, 1988).
With respect to MAUP, we argue that the mapping of a spatial composite indicator using integrated geons is embedded in a conceptual framework.
This paper discusses the legitimacy of using census zoning systems for measuring residential segregation, and proposes the use of data disaggregation and regrouping (DDR) techniques that may at some degree contribute in reducing MAUP biases.
A way for dealing with the MAUP consists in substituting absolute measures like (1) with relative ones, where the economic variable under consideration is weighted by region-specific weights.
That is issue is the ability to select the correct unit of analysis or geography based on what has been called the Modifiable Aerial Unit Problem (MAUP) (Bolstad, 2006).
The modifiable areal unit problem (MAUP) is well known in many fields (King, 1997) and has recently received attention in the child maltreatment literature (Lery, 2008, 2009).The MAUP is an issue encountered when arbitrary geographic areas are established.
Born in 1951, Duke received in September 2005 a Kandidat Nauk degree or a PhD in History from the Ukrainian Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (MAUP).
I met with Ukrainian journalists, Jewish leaders, experts in anti-Semitism and students, eventually paying a visit to the strangely named Mizhrehional'na Akademiia Upravlinnia Personalom--the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, known by its Ukrainian acronym, MAUP.