MAUTMultiple Attribute Utility Theory
MAUTMcGill Association of University Teachers
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Some MCDA tools, such as MAUT, are optimization tools that seek to maximize the achievement of the decision maker's preferences.
Alguns metodos lidam bem com criterios quali e quantitativos, como e o caso do AHP, Electre e Promethee, sendo a MAUT e os metodos interativos mais adaptados a criterios quantitativos.
According to MAUT, the overall evaluation u(x) of an object x is defined as a weighted addition of its evaluation with respect to its relevant value dimensions.
The Senate Committee on Women, backed by the MAUT, pushed for employment and pay equity whenever possible, but progress on these issues was extremely slow.
O modelo proposto se baseou na analise multicriterial, mais especificamente no metodo MAUT.
In standard MAUT a utility function is constructed to rank the non-dominated alternatives on the basis of their utility values (Keeney and Raiffa 1993; Dyer 2004).
MAUT is a decision analytic technique, which allows for the co-existence of judgment and objective measurement to capture the multidimensional nature of constructs like nursing practice, and places them into an index that represents a global statement of the construct.
MAUT, HAWAII -- Primary care physicians can't be expected to be amateur optometrists in their spare time, but they want to be able to answer parents' questions and detect any vision problems that could have an underlying medical cause, said Dr.
Also, the language of MAUT lacks the flexibility to measure the degree to which a consensus of opinion can be reached.
Li, "Comparison analysis of MAUT expressed in terms of choquet integral and utility axioms," in Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Systems and Control in Aerospace and Astronautics, pp.
MAUT aims to obtain the maximum overall utility with tradeoffs of the attainment of some objectives against other objectives.
The rank of the alternatives is as follows: {IB-B; IB-A; IB-C} and this result is similar with the result of fuzzy TOPSIS and fuzzy MAUT.