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MAUVEMulti-Aerial Unmanned Vehicle Experiment (MIT research project)
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He said that for height zoning, the CDA has informed that the floor area ratio presently allowed is up to ground and nine storeys in the Mauve Area.
The current 100-peso bank notes can still be used for daily transactions for payment of goods and services and will commingle with the new 100-peso bank notes with stronger mauve or violet color until supplies of the first version last, the BSP said.
Compared with the current color of the 100-Piso banknote in circulation, the new 100-Piso banknote will have stronger mauve or violet color on the obverse and reverse sides.
Bloomy Pink, folky pink, boreal mauve, mosaic mauve, salsa red, gipsy red, swingy brown and melody brown.
In the present study, we analyzed the accumulation of anthocyanins in the pale- mauve Vanda hybrid and investigated the expression of the Va-PAL1, Va-CHS1, Va-F3H1 and Va-DFR1 genes in various parts, including unopened, half full-bloom and full- bloom florets, as compared to the white Vanda hybrid.
The most widely cultivated types are varieties of aster novi-belgii and vary in height from 12ins - Jenny (purplish red) and Audrey (mauve) to 36 or even 48ins - Winston S.
The collection is completed by the vivid red and purple of Army Nurse, the delicate cream and lilac of Hawkshead, the semi-double white and red Snowcap, the magenta and mauve Tom Thumb and the mauve and purple of Beacon.
Then she said: "Quickly now, name a colour and a tool," and I said "Mauve screwdriver."
- Kirsty Roberts, Morpeth, Northumberland MAUVE is a warm colour that loses none of its intensity in full sun or deep shade.
PADDY POWER were relieved by the Queen's decision to wear mauve yesterday, as it foiled a major payout on yellow being Her Majesty's preferred colour on day three of the royal meeting.
One small criticism is that Ludgate Hill is rather dull this year, owing to a lot of the flowers being dark mauve and purple, which are not as showy as the reds and yellows.
The genesis of this quirky story was the author observing road rage incidents while stuck in traffic and pondering the calming influence of a mauve traffic light upon enraged drivers.