MAVASManagement of Aggression and Violence Attitude Scale (assessment tool)
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Originally, the MAVAS was developed on the basis of three explanatory models for aggressive behavior: an internal model, an external model, and a situational model (9,14,15).
Previous studies (14,15) on the psychometric qualities of the MAVAS showed good reliability indices (r = 0.89).
Originally, the MAVAS consisted of 27 items, of which 13 were related to the causes of aggression and violence and reflected the internal, external, and situational/interactional models of violent behavior, and 14 items represented different approaches to the management of aggression (14,15).
The reliability of the full scale, although lower (0.75) than that observed in the English version of the MAVAS (0.89) (13,15), can be considered satisfactory, whereas the coefficients observed in the isolated factors ranged from excellent (0.77) to adequate (0.60) (19).
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