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MAVICAMagnetic VIdeo Camera
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The method was described in stages some of them were photographed using a digital camera (Sony FD Mavica Quick Acess FD Drive) for a better visualization of the results.
Before scanning the three root systems selected for analysis, they were photographed with a Sony Mavica, MVC-FD71 digital camera (Sony Corporation, Tokyo, Japan).
To enter the contest, Harris chose to send in his review on a Sony Mavica digital camera because its ease of-use made it ideal for him to integrate it into his classroom.
17) In 1981, the Sony Corporation marketed their Mavica digital still video camera, the first consumer digital video device.
Fuji, however, sensed something fundamental occurring, and became convinced of it a few years later with the arrival of Sony's first low-resolution digital camera, the Mavica.
In subsequent observations, photographs were taken at a resolution of 640 x 480 bits with a Sony Mavica digital camera (either MVC-7 or MVC-83) in an underwater housing.
The Sony Mavica series, which uses a mini-CD recording technology, provides ``digital negatives'' on CD-R discs.
The camera immediately played back on a TV set, using a unit called the MAVICA Viewer.
The Sony CD Mavica is one of the first of its kind.
For this program a Sony Digital Mavica Still Camera (MVC-FD85) was used to shoot both digital still photographs and video.
Sus ultimos modelos de la popular serie Mavica, que tienen la peculiaridad de utilizar disquettes como medio de almacenamiento, cumplen cabalmente con esta meta.