MAVOMiddelbaar Algemeen Voortgezet Onderwijs (Dutch secondary school attendance requirement)
MAVOMiddelbaar Algemeen Vormend Onderwijs
MAVOMonsters and Villains' Organization (Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin)
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Even "the members of his own group, who see him as the 'face of the younger poetry' stress that Amichai is the most civic of poets in their belligerent group, since 'something in this poetry never forgets prosperities past'" (Zvik, "Mavo" 8; Moked), and thus embrace his own self-definition as a civic poet (quoted in Ginsburg 152).
Pooled effect sizes were based on the results of pain intensity (assessed by VAS) as well as MAVO, MPVO, LE, and PE values in millimeters.
The platform, MAVO, operates using MAVO Tokens (known as MVT) as a utility token to bring filmmakers and producers, viewers and advertisers together in a bid to build a better model for the film industry.
See Hanokh Albeck, Mavo LaMishnah (Jerusalem-Tel Aviv: Bialik Institute-Dvir Co., 1979), pp.
The middle level is now called MAVO and used to be called MULO (for pupils aged 12 to 16).
He failed his exams to enter the Nassau Mavo School in Amsterdam.
They ranged in age from 14 to 16 years and were in the third year of an intermediate educational stream (MAVO).
Table 1 Descriptives of Variables Used in the Analysis Variable Mean Standard Deviation Minimum Maximum Age 35.01 10.37 16.0 70.0 Education 1.88 0.85 1 4 Occupational level 2.21 1.02 1 4 Married 0.76 0.43 0 1 Female 0.34 0.47 0 1 Dutch 0.95 0.21 0 1 Education: Level I is at most lower secondary, either in the general stream (MAVO or at most three years of HAVO or VWO) or the vocational stream (LBO).
During their first two years at an LBO school, pupils follow an academic curriculum similar to that of the higher-level MAVO, along with four periods a week of 'general technology' (woodwork, metalwork, cookery and IT).
BCC joins Mavo Systems and Hudspeth and Associates as components of AIS's Remediation and Response Services operating group.