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MAVTMultiple Attribute Value Theory
MAVTMultiple Audio-Visual Terminal
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1991 Clinical -- (15%) (surgery) Ceyan & Mavt 1997 7000 Clinical 4480 (64%) (Turkish population) Gangata 2009 890 Clinical 13 (15%) (Zimbabue population) Machado & Didio 1967 379 Clinical 14 (3.7%) (Indian from Amazonia) Raouf et al.
Results of MAVT Method Application, Sensitivity, and Uncertainty Analyses.
MAVT has been applied before [23] to a different humanitarian logistics problem (site location) and with Preference Ranking Organization Method for Enriching Evaluations II instead of SMARTER--we chose SMARTER because it could be easily adapted for use via online questionnaires.
After initial investigations by Fishburn (1965), many approaches have been developed that obviate the need for precise weight information in the MAVT framework.
Sin embargo, es importante aclarar el concepto de "inconstancia" para este musculo, pues da a entender que es muy comun la agenesia del palmar largo en la poblacion, lo que contrasta con lo reportado en multiples trabajos de investigacion realizados en distintos paises y zonas geograficas, donde se demuestra que la agenesia se presenta en un porcentaje siempre inferior (Testut & Latarjet; Mbaka & Ejiwunmi; Alves et al.) comparado con aquella poblacion que no tiene agenesia, salvo en una poblacion turca (Gaziantan) donde la agenesia se presento en un 63,9 % de la poblacion estudiada (Ceyhan & Mavt).
The Flexible and Interactive Tradeoff (FITradeoff) method [6] was developed for eliciting scale constants ([k.sub.i]) of criteria (for simplicity's sake, in this paper, sometimes the expression criteria weight is used but with meaning of scale constant) within the scope of Multiattribute Value Theory (MAVT), in which alternatives are scored straightforwardly according to the value function in the following equation:
This value is comparable to the low prevalence of an absent PL reported by Ceyhan and Mavt.16 On the contrary, the overall prevalence of PL absence in our study is similar to value reported by Ertem et al.3 In our study, individuals were selected randomly, regardless of regional differences, similar to previous studies in Turkish population.3,17 However, Ceyhan and Mavt16 studied a population in South-East region of Turkey.
Here, the alternatives are ranked according to an additive model in MAVT (Multiattribute Value Theory) scope, using the FITradeoff method for eliciting scaling constants or weights of criteria.