MAVTMobile Audio Visual Terminal
MAVTMid-Atlantic Vintage Trials (bike club)
MAVTMichigan Association of Veterinary Technicians (Okemos, MI)
MAVTMobility Assistance Vehicle Technicians
MAVTMultiple Attribute Value Theory
MAVTMultiple Audio-Visual Terminal
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However, in the model proposed in this paper, an additive mode, MAVT, is used, that, by also using FITradeoff, enables the best IS according to the criteria considered to be selected.
Colombia, Ministerio de Ambiente, Vivienda y Desarrollo Territorial MAVT y--CECODES (2004).
After initial investigations by Fishburn (1965), many approaches have been developed that obviate the need for precise weight information in the MAVT framework.
MCDA methods (Adapted from Guitouni and Martel (1998)) No Method Author(s) Linear weighting and elementary methods 1 Weighted Sum Churchman and Ackoff (1954) 2 Lexicographic Roy and Hugonnard (1982) method 3 Conjunctive method Hwang and Youn (1981) 4 Disjunctive method Chen and Hwang (1992) 5 Maximin method Hwang and Youn (1981) Single synthesizing criterion or utility theory 6 TOPSIS Hwang and Youn (1981) 7 MAVT Keeney and Raifa (1976) 8 UTA Jacquet-Lagreze and Siskos (1982) 9 SMART Edwards (1971) 10 MAUT Bunn (1984) 11 AHP and ANP Saaty (1980), Saaty (2005) 12 DEA Talluri et al.