MAWLMassachusetts Association of Women Lawyers (Boston, MA)
MAWLModel, Assist, Watch, Leave (leadership model; various organizations)
MAWLMighty Athletic Wolverine League (Utah Valley University; Orem, UT)
MAWLMaximum Acceptable Weight Limit (ergonomics)
MAWLManitoba Association of Women and the Law Inc. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
MAWLMid-American Wrestling League (gaming)
MAWLMagnetic Aircraft Weapons Link
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Several studies have found that roughly 50% to 80% of the variability in MAWLs can be accounted for using combinations of static and/or dynamic strength (e.
More direct evidence was provided by Ayoub, Selan, & Liles (1983), who showed that injuries increased with the ratio of task demands to psychophysical limits (the Job Severity Index), and by Herrin, Jaraiedi, and Anderson (1986), who showed that injuries reported were inversely related to minimum percentiles of MAWLs.
Similar effects of frequency have been found for MAWLs and exertion forces (e.
The main effect of handle angle on MAWL was not significant at p [less than] .
The difference in both wrist RPE and MAWL among the 30[degrees], 45[degrees] and 60[degrees] handle angles was not significant.
This indicates that the participants involved in this experiment were working at a high motivation level, and the obtained MAWL produced a valid representation of the maximum capability for an 8-hr workday.
The ANOVA indicated that height and frequency were both significant influences on MAWL (p [less than or equal to] .
For the floor-to-knuckle conditions, the MAWLs for this study corresponded fairly well to MAWL values for the large box (width = 75 cm) in the Snook and Ciriello (1991) study.
This study has shown that the psychophysical method is not significantly affected by visual information about the load value used to determine MAWL.
We analyzed MAWL data using a three-way analysis of variance and used Duncan's multiple-range test for post hoc comparisons.
The means and standard deviations of MAWL under all task conditions are shown in Table 3.
The contribution [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 4 OMITTED] of MCS to the explanation of the variation of MAWL was most significant among the three predictors.