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MAWSMissile Approach Warning System
MAWSMarine Air Warning Squadron (US Marine Corps)
MAWSMilitary Automatic Weather Sensor (US Army)
MAWSMid-Atlantic Weather Station
MAWSMissile Attack Warning System
MAWSMaritime Advanced Warfighting School (US Navy)
MAWSModular Automated Weather System
MAWSModular Assault Weapon System (Splinter Cell video game)
MAWSMultiple Approach Warning System
MAWSMinimum Additive Waste Stabilization System
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The most difficult challenge for MAWS is a tactical fighter in an air-to-ground mission.
However, this means that the MAWS must be able to cue the infrared tracker on the jammer and monitor the jammer's effectiveness.
Therein lies the main reason why not all fighters have MAWS, despite the fact that the extent of the MANPADS threat was apparent seven years ago in the Gulf War: the threat technology is moving so fast that today's MAWS and IRCM systems never seem adequate, and only tomorrow's solutions appear to address the operational challenge.
Worth, the F-16 manufacturer, are wrapping up two study contracts issued in October 1993 to examine a representative passive and active MAWS for internal integration into the Air Force's two fighters.
While the AMW program may not require the powerful directional jamming that ATIRCM will provide for Army helicopters and transports, the Air Force and Navy are watching with interest the MAWS options for this next-generation system.
While the tactical fighter missile warning program enjoys the advantages sowed by a mature missile warning evolution for "low and slow" aircraft, and must adopt some NDI variant of these technologies, the MAWS aboard tactical fighters will operate in an environment characterized by high Gs, inverted, rolling and nap-of-the-earth flying and sudden and high-speed maneuvering.
s EL/M-2150 active MAWS appears to have emerged during the same time frame as the PAWS and is understood to have been fitted to Israeli Air Force Kfir ("Young Lion") multi-role combat aircraft.
As well as meeting national needs, Elta's family of active MAWS is known to have formed the basis for Loral's AN/ALQ-199 as well as systems which have been exported to France and the Netherlands.
For example, the Marines uncovered a "most pressing need" for MAWS on the AV-8B in the wake of Desert Storm, according to Colonel Lawler.
The IDAP package contains the Lockheed Sanders ALQ-156 active MAWS.
Early stages of the effort brought contractors to Tyndall AFB with their MAWS mechanical and electrical requirements.
Meanwhile, the 4484th TESTS program manager began the complex process of coordination with Sacramento Air Logistics Center (SM-ALC) required before flight of each prototype MAWS.