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MAWSMissile Approach Warning System
MAWSMarine Air Warning Squadron (US Marine Corps)
MAWSMilitary Automatic Weather Sensor (US Army)
MAWSMid-Atlantic Weather Station
MAWSMissile Attack Warning System
MAWSMaritime Advanced Warfighting School (US Navy)
MAWSModular Automated Weather System
MAWSModular Assault Weapon System (Splinter Cell video game)
MAWSMultiple Approach Warning System
MAWSMinimum Additive Waste Stabilization System
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The Artisans at Maws Craft Centre will be hosting a range of crafting taster experiences as part of their festival offer from upholstery basics to crafting with ceramics.
"He began shouting 'Black b***s' and 'Your maw's a slag'.
MAWS is also calling on government to enact stiffer penalties against perpetrators.
For her kids' sake, you can only hope she backs off relationships until she learns the new rule of MAWS code that we've added just for her.
But whether they come for the tasting menu (a locally legendary showcase of haute cuisine technique, often applied to the off-cuts Maws has long championed) or for the marrow-enriched hamburger that was on the cover of Bon Appetit, Craigie's customers expect to see its owner in the kitchen.
Light fantastic: Gladys and Leslie Maw have decorated their home 86 days before Christmas.
George and Arthur Maw took over Walter Chamberlain's Worcester factory in 1850 and moved their tile works to Benthall in Shropshire in 1852, where they quickly began to rival Minton's in the range and reach of their encaustic tiles.
WALES Olympic triathlete Marc Jenkins has backed the appointment of Graeme Maw as the new elite performance director of Welsh rugby.
The AN/AAR-54 MAWS passively detects UV energy from the missile's exhaust plume, tracks multiple sources, classifies each source, and provides threat information to the countermeasures system for an appropriate response.
The Maws Craft Centre in Jackfield will open its doors on Sunday for the fair.
WRU chief executive Roger Lewis has sought to balance Maws lack of rugby knowledge by appointing Wales coach Nigel Davies as head of rugby development to work alongside him.