MAWTS-1Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron One
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I was assigned to MAWTS-1 as the rotary-wing fragger for the upcoming weapons-training-instructor (WTI) course.
MAWTS-1 is highly interactive with the various centers of excellence such as Nellis AFB, Eglin AFB, and the Navy/Marine test community at Pax River, as well as the United Kingdom, in shaping F-35 transition.
(47) Furthermore, by leveraging MAWTS-1 FAC(A) instructors under a "train the trainer" concept to stand up an initial cadre of Army FAC(A) instructors, we could conduct initial training of Army pilots.
(57) Initial training of Army pilots could leverage Marine Corps rotary-wing FAC[A] instructors at MAWTS-1, under a "train the trainer" concept, to stand up an initial cadre of Army FAC[A] instructors who could then continue the training for Army units.
As part of this program, the lab funded the construction of Yodaville, which saw extensive use during the experiments and continues to provide TD&E support to the MAWTS-1 urban aviation initiative.
The tactical portion of our mission went well: We fought our way in with no blue losses, destroyed MAWTS-1, and fought through several more bandits on our way out.
Then, on a clear California morning two-and-half-years ago, that vision materialized with a single phone call from an innovative Marine Corps tactician, who just happened to be the commanding officer of Marine Corps Weapons and Tactics Squadron One (MAWTS-1).
--MCAS Yuma, AZ MAWTS-1 DSN 269-3652/6042
Major James Reed, MAWTS-1 operations officer, explained the value of the WTI training, "We ensure that everyone does things in a uniform manner so that all of the fleet squadrons are consistent.
MAWTS-1 has a couple of Navy guys on staff and we have Marine aviators on the TOPGUN staff.
MAWTS-1 provides advanced training to fixed and rotary-wing aircrews through the Weapons and Tactics Instructor course, while VMFAT-101 trains Marine pilots new to the Hornet.
Jim Adams, an AH-1W Super Cobra instructor at MAWTS-1, Camp Pendleton, Calif., saved the life of a Marine during a training exercise.