MAXCAPMaximum Capture
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[,cool] = (MIN(MaxCap, [Q.sub.coil(i),cool]))(PLR) + [] + [Q.sub.oa(i)] (25)
The partnership combines the local expertise and strategic relationships possessed by MaxCap, a leading Brazilian real estate investment management company headed by Jose Paim de Andrade Junior, with the experience and financial backing of Merrill Lynch, an international leader in real estate and financial services.
Paim is MaxCap's founder and CEO and was founding partner and formerly the CEO of Rossi Residencial, one of Brazil's largest residential real estate developers.
MaxCap 23'-10" x 19'-6" x 61'-9" 177,973 50"x48" 40"
MaxCap 600-800 300 N/A [check] 104,603 < 8 hours
After considering a number of different crushers from various manufacturers, the customer began to realize the benefits of the Universal MaxCap 600 Impact Crusher.
"They took a lot of factors into account before purchasing the MaxCap 600," said Gerry Mangrich, McLanahan regional sales manager.