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MAXIMAMulti-Axial Monolithic Integrated Accelerometer
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Maxima Latvija has currently introduced the scanners in 60 percent of stores throughout Latvia, starting with checkouts in larger and newly-renovated stores.
These presses retain design elements of the Maxima line.
"So the clay was finished in late 1998/early 1999-so many things were happening at once it's hard to remember the exact date-and all the while we had to make sure we didn't create any costly compromises that would harm Altima or its brothers." (Beyond the next generation Maxima and Quest, Altima may spawn a coupe, and provide the base for a number of other variants.
The MAXIMA results confirm those of another experiment, BOOMERANG, that scanned a different patch of sky (SN: 4/29/00, p.