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MAYFLOWERSSBN Communications Project
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The Submarine Anti-Jam GPS Enhancement (SAGE) of Mayflower will be used to enhance the Navy's Multifunction Mast Antenna System.
According to KCS Datawright's general manager Andy Gough, their new offices at Mayflower House will provide the ideal space for this expansion.
More than 300 years later, a full-scale reproduction of the ship--the Mayflower II--was built in 1957 in Devon, England, and gifted to America as a symbol of post-World War II unity.
Rockland Trust has welcomed Mayflower Bank customers following the addition of Mayflower branches in Plymouth County.
18 November 2013 -- Massachusetts US-based bank holding company Independent Bank Corp (NASDAQ: INDB) said it has closed its acquisition of Mayflower Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ: MFLR).
ExxonMobil has said it will respond to Central Arkansas Water's request and that now it's focusing on cleanup in the Mayflower area.
Attendees told us they liked the new location better than the Mayflower, which had been hosting the meeting since what was then the Newsletter Association held its first conference 35 years ago.
Ms Smith joined Mayflower Solicitors in August from Mildwaters Consulting as a paralegal.
On its opening in 1925, The Mayflower was nicknamed the "Grande Dame of Washington" because it had more gold trim than any other building except the Library Of Congress.
At the end of the two-day drive the collection totaled 21 pallets, which were extremely close to filling the massive Mayflower tractor-trailer donated by Molloy Bros.
BEIRUT: Hamra's Mayflower Hotel said Friday that it has dropped its threat to sue Britain's The Independent newspaper over a report by veteran correspondent Robert Fisk that the Mayflower was hosting militia members.
Bernard-shepherd mix puppy who sat in her lap at the Mayflower Gardens Convalescent Hospital reception lounge.