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MAZAMohamed Ali Zainal Abdulla (food and consumer goods, Bahrain)
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Maza antenal con apice curvo, fuertemente convexo dorsalmente y recto ventralmente, 3.2-3.8 veces tan larga como ancha, escapo 3.5 veces tan largo como ancho, pedicelo 2.2 veces tan largo como ancho, igual a la radicula; primer segmento funicular triangular, tan ancho como largo, segundo segmento 1.6 veces tan ancho como largo; lobulo medio del mesoescudo con 6 setas; ala anterior aprox.
With plans to construct their own facilities at the BLZ, Maza will instal packaging lines for the packaging of various consumer goods geared towards regional export.
We hope that the resolution's approval will be fast-tracked in the plenary this week, before Congress goes into recess,'' Maza said.
How can a class exist, Maza asks, if members are unaware of their own existence?
As for the bourgeois role in the French revolution, Maza inverts the besieged marxist interpretation: the French bourgeoisie did not make the revolution, but were made by it.
Domingo Maza, a director at Venezuela's central bank, recently reiterated that the government would not back away from its policy of devaluing the bolivar within a controlled sliding band.
Father Enrique Maza, S.J., a prominent Mexican writer and the founder of the influential newsweekly El Proceso, worries that the free-market model of development--adopted in the late 1980s after years of pressure from the U.S.
Contreras Maza in charge of Human Resources, corporate departments of Process Analysis & Safety, Health & the Environment (SHE), as well as PDVSA Services, the Centres of Excellence (Engineering & Projects, IT/PDV IFT, Centres of Knowledge), Biserca, Palmaven, CIED and SOFIP.
Observations by Gomez and Maria Teresa Ruiz, Jose Maza and Claudio Anguita of the University of Chile at Santiago indicated that the object is a normal star somewhat warmer than the sun.
Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo criticized the statement of former National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC) Chair Liza Maza that the bureaucracy was being 'militarized' by Mr.
Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo made the statement following former National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC) chair Liza Maza slammed Duterte's Executive Order (EO) no.