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(111.) Since 2002, Mazal has served as the Peruvian Regional Director for Latin America of the World Intellectual Property Organization Carlos Mazal, VANRELL Pr.OPIEDAD INTEL., available at [] (last visited Nov.
"Mazal Wakfin," Nedjma in Algeria won "Best marketing campaign of the year" for its "Mazal Wakfin" (Still standing up) national campaign on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the independence of Algeria.
(26.) Mazal PR, Stichenwirth M, Koller A, Blach S, Haitel A, Susani M.
Fm reminded of a Talmudic passage in Tractate Shabbat that discusses the concept of Mazal, the Jewish version of astrological fortune or destiny: Esau was born under the red planet of Mars and was therefore bloodthirsty.
Laurence Mazal, representative of this institution pointed out the importance of this meeting, which is a means to support the democratic transition process started by Tunisia and help it make the most of the experiences of other countries in drafting their new constitutions.
Em um estudo retrospectivo, avaliando 173 carcinomas renais de humanos, apenas 98 (57%) apresentaram positividade para esse anticorpo (MAZAL et al., 2005).
As for the soloists, those who have forcibly portrayed Janacek roles include above all Peter Straka (Laca, Mazal), Stefan Margita (Laca), Jan Vacik (Laca, Broucek), Jaroslav Brezina (Broucek), Gianluca Zampieri (Laca, Albert Gregor), Christina Vasileva (Katya), Helena Kaupova (Jenufa), Eva Drizgova (Bystrouska the Vixen) and Eva Urbanova (Kostelnicka, Kabanicha).
Mazal (1978) reports that migraine onset is mostly during pregnancy and can be exacerbated by oral contraceptives.
While insiders said that the $504 million deal broke down because the servicer CW Capital refused approval, the plaintiffs in the suit, two companies known as Gilmore and Optibase, which had intended to purchase the building stake under a joint venture called "Mazal," claim differently.