MAcctMaster of Accounting (graduate degree)
MAcctMen of All Colors and Cultures Together (Seattle, WA)
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The MACCT Assessment Plan, similar to the CBE Assessment Plan, provides guidance for assurance of learning at the program level and the individual course level.
Each MACCT learning goals is assessed at least every two years, but usually more often, using direct and indirect assessment methods.
1) Focus groups with MACCT students are conducted annually.
2) A written survey of graduating MACCT students is conducted annually in the Advanced Auditing Seminar.
3) Career placement of graduating MACCT students is carefully tracked.
4) A survey of alumni from the College of Business and Economics, including MACCT students, was conducted in fall 2008.
The above assessment processes provide information about how well students are achieving the MACCT learning goals and identify areas where the curriculum and individual courses can be improved.
The accounting faculty reviews this MACCT Assessment Report at the August Accounting Retreat.
The direct assessment of the MACCT program level learning goals was conducted in the required MACCT seminars (ACCT 561 Comparative Theory Seminar, ACCT 570 Advanced Accounting Information Systems, ACCT 590 Advanced Auditing Seminar, and ACCT 592 Financial Accounting and Reporting Seminar) and using the Comprehensive Exams taken by each student at the end of their degree program.