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MAdMMelissa Auf der Maur (Singer)
MADMMultiple Attribute Decision Making
MADMMedium Atomic Demolition Munition
MADMMultiple Antenna Differential Modulation
MADMManager as Developer Model (nursing)
MADMMartial Arts Death Machine (anime)
MADMMethyl Alpha-D-Mannoside
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Medical company Thornhill Medical reported on Friday the receipt of a Health Canada Medical Device License for its mobile anaesthesia delivery module, MADM.
Chen & Tsao [43] extended the concept of TOPSIS to develop a method for solving MADM problems with interval-valued fuzzy data.
Using MADM, the researchers eliminated Lgl1 either in just single RGPs, or in all RGPs.
Working of channel selection based on MADM 1: Initialization of decision-making Matrix [M.
In MADM problems, the needed decision making information includes attribute values and attribute weights.
Finally, the MADM technique provides a good tool to help define requirement value, normalize alternative performance, and start cost trade-off discussions.
In fact, the Sharjah Police recorded 40 accidents involving 4WD vehicles and quad bikes in popular desert safari areas in Madm area last year.
MADM art is interrelated with art of the Rational Choice Theory.
It is highly recommended to test other MADM methods for the case and consider a comparison of the results in the future researches.
Another advantage of the proposed method is that it can be applied with different MADM methods, like WSM (the weighted sum model), TOPSIS (the Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution), etc.
Furthermore, based on the TFLHHA operator, a new method solving the MADM problems with the TFLVs is proposed.
The MADM allowed Zong's team to probe into pre-clinical, tumor-initiating stages that are inaccessible to researchers using conventional tools.