MB2Menezo's B2 medium (In vitro fertilization)
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The underestimation observed in MB2, DB, and P was consistent with that in other studies (15, 17).
Nothing was working for KPA's starting five - Cynthia Irankunda, Linet Atieno, Yvonne Akinyi, Brigid Nanzala and Jamila Zama - forcing coach Anthony Ojukwu to introduce Becky Nkatha and Christine Akinyi who tipped the scales in their favour for a deserved 24-19 lead at the break.Cynthia Irankunda of KPA (left) guards Solostlana Mamplonona of MB2 All during their Fiba Africa Women Club Championships classification match in Maputo on November 25, 2018.
"We gave MB2 the first tranquilizer shot and, after he became calm, we used the elephants to guide him towards the cage in the truck where we administered the second shot." The tiger's vital statistics were quickly recorded before he was fitted with a radio collar and sent on a 22-hour road trip to his new home.
Besides the high incidence and difficulties in locating the MB2 canal, there is considerable variation in the configuration of the canal system in the mesiobuccal root of maxillary first molars (Verma & Love; Yamada et al.; Gilles & Reader; Grande et al.; Kulild & Peters; Spagnuolo et al.; Weine et al.).
The data in Table 1 also shows, according to the same order security measure, the MB2 is the least statistically detectable, followed by MB1 and nsF5, while F3 is the most detectable.
(6) SS-OCT imaging is noninvasive, involves no ionizing radiation, and is accurate for the detection of MB2 canals.
benthamiana (50 g) were macerated with 500 mL of either methanol, distillated water, or [CH.sub.2][Cl.sub.2] for 72 h to give three extracts which were evaporated to dryness in vacuo at 40[degrees]C to give Mb1 (12.46 g); Mb2 (6.68 g); Mb3 (5.15 g), respectively.
Three steganographic algorithms are employed in our experiment: nsF5, MB1 and MB2. To simplify the problem, all the hidden messages are embedded in the first component of the color image DCT coefficients.
MB2 Talents and Young Performers Songspell Christopher Corro with Mrs.
(143) Interview with MB1 (Melbourne, 6 December 2013); Interview with MB2 (Melbourne, 6 December 2013); Interview with MB4 (Melbourne, 6 December 2013); Interview with SB6 (Sydney, 12 February 2015); Interview with SB9 (Sydney, 12 February 2015).