MBAEMassachusetts Business Alliance for Education (Boston, MA)
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Noonan, executive director of MBAE, which commissioned the study and helped develop the 1993 Education Reform Act, said MCAS is an assessment designed for a different point in time.
The MBAE report also suggests remodeling the public education system so that it fits the current needs and dispositions of today's learner.
That, not additional study groups and rearrangement of resources, is the surest way to "unleash greatness,'' which the MBAE aptly identifies as a priority.
What if I were to tell you the problem is not complacency, as Henry Dinger, the chairman of the MBAE board believes, but rather our one-track approach to education reform -- increasing academic and accountability standards -- has reached a state of diminishing returns.
As the voice of the business community in education for more than 20 years, MBAE has advocated for the highest possible educational standards for Massachusetts students.
The MBAE board voted to recommend that the state adopt the common core.