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'Mujibu has no known residence in Kenya and police do not know which part of Tanzania he comes from,' Mbai said.
"He might have left a note," said Mr Mbai. "Maybe he talked to his wife about his future plans.
Acronym Work location during research MS Ministry of Health MBAI Mision Barrio Adentro I APS Primary Health Care / Ministry of Health TICS Technology, Information and Communication on Health Source: Research data.
In a continent where opposition leaders never appear to have a good word for sitting presidents, Mbai's words have brought goose pimples to the skin of his hearers.
Indonesia's Counter-terrorism Chief Ansyaad Mbai said a team sent to Pakistan about two months ago had already obtained vital information about his involvement in several terrorist attacks.
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In September 2010, General Ansyaad Mbai was appointed head of Indonesia's new National Counter Terrorism Agency (BNPT) that was formed by presidential decree.
Ansyaad Mbai, Indonesia's head of counterterrorism operations, states that the combination of corruption, globalization, history, and poverty creates an environment that fosters terrorism.
Ansyaad Mbai, head of the government s anti-terror desk, told Reuters police had strong evidence Bashir was connected to a group which ran training camps in Indonesia s westernmost Aceh province and which had planned to assassinate President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and other state officials at an independence day ceremony on August 17.
Ansyaad Mbai, the Indonesian security ministry's anti-terror desk chief, said evidence pointed to Noordin Mohammed Top as the mastermind of the attack.
Ansyaad Mbai, head of the anti-terrorism desk at Indonesia's security ministry, said the attacks may be linked to a fugitive Malaysian-born militant Noordin Top, who is believed to have broken away from JI to form a more radical wing.
Ansyaad Mbai, chief of Indonesian security ministry's anti-terror desk, said that evidence pointed to Malaysian-born extremist Noordin Mohammed Top, who leads a violent splinter faction of JI.