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MBANMunich Business Angel Network (Germany)
MBANMedical Body Area Network (US FCC; wireless communications)
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In respect to the study commissioned by Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications titled, "Studies on advanced frequency application technologies for 400MHz-band medical telemeters," the test aimed to conduct research on the reliability and safety of wireless transmission that medical facilities demand by evaluating the performance of mBAN in actual hospital room conditions.
Actually, the MBAN story is a good example of how solutions were found through cooperation and consultation even though obstacles at first appeared insurmountable.
Special-Purpose Dedicated Channels: Automotive ITS, Health WMTS, and MBAN
MBAN systems could monitor numerous functions, aggregate the results and then transmit the data to a remote location — such as a public or private cloud — for evaluation.
Huge numbers turn out for L[sz] na mBan. I really enjoy the day, the weather made a huge difference and there is an extra special buzz about the place.
The book begins with a foreword by Mary Clayton, who sums up O Carragain perfectly when she recalls him singing Beowulf to the Irish tune Sliabh na mBan to the class of which she was part.
My husband, who was born and raised in Ireland, introduced me to Nollaig na Mban (pronounced noh-LIG' na MAHN'), which in Irish literally translates "The Women's Christmas." It's celebrated on Jan.
Cumann na mBan, Irishwomen's Council, was a substantial player in the struggle for Irish independence in 1914-23, but like several other organizations, did not lead the revolution either politically or militarily, and so has received little attention from historians.
Over the next six or seven years, well over a thousand 'witness statements' were supplied by former fighters of the Volunteers, Irish Citizen Army (ICA), and the principal women's organization, Cumann na mBan. These were soon effectively buried in government vaults, and far from providing the basis for an official history, they were closed off to all researchers.
'Soon after that, strange things started to happen to us.' The footage the crew shot of an Irish woman telling the story of the horned witches of Sliabh na Mban, was found to be distorted.
He remained always 'ill at ease in the company of women', yet utterly enraptured by the physical beauty of male youth: Ta cumhracht id phoig Nochar frith fos liom I bpogaibh na mban Na i mbalsam a gcorp.