MBASAMaster of Business Administration Student Association (University of the Pacific, California)
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The governor directed the immediate construction of classroom blocks at LGEA Primary School Atu and the sinking of two boreholes in Mbasa and assured the people that he would also attend to the challenges presented by the other groups as resources permitted.
When the students' uncle and aunt would come home in the evening, the Mbasa children would quickly change their tune.
As this episode at the Mbasa household illustrates, schools are often regarded as containing the possibility for upward mobility and social change.
Mbasa Mxenge, Sizwe Kondile and "Klein (Little) Dirk" Coetzee were part of the audience at hearings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, an independent body under Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu set up to inquire into apartheid atrocities.
As Coetzee described the killing frenzy of 45 stab wounds inflicted on Mxenge, his son Mbasa left the hall, unable to bear the details.