MBATMayor's Business Action Team (Philadelphia, PA)
MBATMindfulness-Based Art Therapy
MBATMagazine Business Association of Taipei (Taipei, Taiwan)
MBATMulti-Beam Array Tracking (optics)
MBATMaster Builders' Association of Tasmania (Australia)
MBATMouse BIRN (Biomedical Informatics Research Network) Atlasing Toolkit (Laboratory of Neuro Imaging at University of California, Los Angeles)
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18 patients were randomly assigned to the MBAT program or an education program control group.
The MBAT group consisted of the MBSR curriculum (awareness of breathing, awareness of emotion, mindful yoga, walking, eating and listening), paired with expressive art tasks to provide opportunities for self-expression, facilitate coping strategies, improve self-regulation, and provide a way for participants to express emotional information in a personally meaningful manner.
Patient response to the MBAT program was measured using a 90-item symptom checklist, completed by each patient before and after the eight-week program.
Participants in the MBAT group demonstrated significant effects on cerebral blood flow compared with the control group.
These increases correlated significantly with a lowering of stress and anxiety, as also reflected in the results of the pre and post-program anxiety scores among the MBAT intervention group.
This MBAT initiative, which is unique to the province will perform an independent oversight function and assist the process of good decision making at the municipal level with regard to procurement related matters.
Shark combines one or two MBATs (RAN-1020 or RAN-1010), capable of coincidence jamming, enabling immediate positioning of a transmitting beam with an effective radiated power of 100-500 kW.