MBBAMunicipal Bond Bank Agency (New York)
MBBAN-4-Methoxybenzylidene-4-Butylaniline (chemistry)
MBBAMassachusetts Beach Buggy Association (Manomet, Massachusetts)
MBBAMichigan Breeding Bird Atlas (Kalamazoo Nature Center)
MBBAMinnesota Bed & Breakfast Association (Hastings, MN)
MBBAMichigan Beefalo Breeders Association
MBBAMonty Brewster Baseball Association
MBBAMount Baker Beekeepers Association (Washington)
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I and numerous others have had the privilege and honor to come to know Judge Smith as a result of our service on the Board of Directors of the MBBA and the MBBASF.
As many of you know, Judge Smith was a founding member of the MBBA, which was created in 1984 as a result of the merger of the Harlem Lawyers Association and the Bedford Stuyvesant Lawyers Association.
During my more than ten years as Chair of the MBBA, Judge Smith not only regularly attended and participated in the often lively debates during the monthly MBBA Board meetings, but frequently attended many of the events and functions sponsored by both organizations.
Before joining the MBBA, I became aware that its Board of Directors included a number of judges who served in the various courts throughout the boroughs.
Lancelot Hewitt, presently a member of the Board of Directors of the MBBA.
(4.) Fransson JMD, Magnani MBBA, Nouer DF, Siqueira VCV, Lunardi N.
(17.) Tukasan PC, Magnani MBBA, Nouer DF, Nouer PRA, Neto JSP, Garbui IU.
New York: Fitch Ratings has assigned a 'AA' rating to approximately $42.435 million of Alaska Municipal Bond Bank Authority (MBBA; bond bank) general obligation (GO) and refunding bonds, 2016 series two, issued under the bond bank's 2016 GO bond resolution.
MULTIPLE LAYERS OF SECURITY SUPPORT NEW PROGRAM: The MBBA's obligations under the 2016 resolution are supported by multiple levels of bond bank and state support.
The rating is sensitive to the strong continued oversight of the MBBA and the maintenance of the custodial account.