MBBLSThousand Barrels
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In January 2018, the Company entered into additional fixed price oil and natural gas swap agreements, hedging an additional 365 MBbls of 2019 oil production at a price of $58.38/Bbl and 1,552,000 MMBtu of 2018 natural gas production at a price of $2.96/MMBtu.
Caprock also operates almost 300 miles of gas, crude, natural gas liquids, and water gathering pipelines; 23 MBbls of crude storage and water disposal facilities with capacity of 210 MBpd.
Equivalent production in the third quarter of 2016 was 150.8 billion cubic feet equivalent (Bcfe), consisting of 144.4 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of natural gas, 941.4 thousand barrels (Mbbls) of crude oil and condensate, and 129.6 Mbbls of natural gas liquids (NGLs).
Saudi Aramco has agreed to buy about 3 million barrels of gas (mbbls) oil from Japanese trader Itochu, as rapidly rising demand for transport and power force the top oil exporter to import, traders said on Monday.
For the third quarter of 2008, oil and natural gas sales are 274 MBbls of oil and 2,886 MMcf of natural gas, or 755 MBOE.
In Egypt, the Company sold 489.1 thousand barrels ('mbbls') of entitlement crude oil during the quarter and had 735.0 mbbls of entitlement crude oil inventory at June 30, 2019.
This brings the total test rates to about 13.7 MBbls of oil per day and 50.2 MMcf of natural gas per day or 22 MBbls equivalent per day (62% oil) when combined with the first Clipper well.
For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2008, sales were 297 MBbls of oil and 1,345 MMcf of natural gas, or 521 MBOE, a 6% increase compared to the prior fiscal year.
Total production was 186 Bcfe, an 11% increase compared to the prior-year second quarter excluding Fayetteville, including 148 Bcf of gas production, 937 MBbls of oil production and 5,497 MBbls of natural gas liquids production.
Q4 equivalent production was 172.6 Bcfe, consisting of 164.4 Bcf of natural gas, 1,238.0 Mbbls of crude oil and condensate, and 131.5 Mbbls of NGLs.
For the quarter ended March 31, 2008, the company has produced 3.617 Bcf of natural gas, 93 MBbls of crude oil and 124 MBbls of natural gas liquids, or 4.92 Bcfe.
Subsequent to June 30, 2019, we entered into additional hedges consisting of Crude Oil Swaps on 731 MBbls at a price of $54.47/Bbl for 2020 and 2021, WTI Midland Argus Crude Basis Swaps on 366 MBbls at a price of $0.55/Bbl for 2020 and WTI Midland Argus Crude Basis Swaps on 730 MBbls at a price of $0.85/Bbl for 2021.