MBBRMoving Bed Biofilm Reactor (sewage treatment)
MBBRMoving Bed Biological Reactor (sewage treatment)
MBBRMonarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve (Mexico)
MBBRMonterey Bay BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) Riders (California)
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EfloHYB is an MBBR process specifically designed for industrial applications high in strength, variable flows, and shock loads.
The MBBR system will achieve BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) reduction and nitrification, producing effluent suitable for reuse and irrigation applications.
The Next Generation MBBR is the result of Biowater Technology's research to develop more efficient ways to clean wastewater cost-efficiently, and by creating systems that handle more capacity in the same space.
In short, the advantages of MBBR systems when compared to activated sludge and SBR processes are as follows: more compact design; easy to expand, single pass process; less sludge produced; easy to separate biosolids; easy and fast response to change in load of contaminants; process resiliency (much less sensitive to toxic shocks); minimal maintenance; and one tank can be used for both COB/BOD removal and nitrification/denitrification.
Complementing its screens division, Headworks operates in the rapidly expanding MBBR industry for secondary treatment.
Parkson already has experience with this technology, with more than 60 MBBR packaged plants built to serve its customers in the oil and gas industry.
In the more developed markets such as Germany, France and the United Kingdom, the scope for more advanced and compact systems such as the MBR treatment systems and innovative processes-based systems like the MBBR is higher.
MBBR has proven to be a successful, sustainable and economically attractive solution and ranks as a substantial potential market product, a report from Frost & Sullivan said.