MBCLMercedes Benz China Ltd. (Beijing, China)
MBCLMonocytoid B-Cell Lymphoma
MBCLMordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League (Victoria, Australia)
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Under the MBCL, each publicly traded benefit corporation must name a benefit director who annually provides an opinion as to whether the benefit corporation acted in accordance with its general public benefit purpose.
The MBCL requires benefit corporations to report annually the social and environmental performance of the company against a comprehensive, credible, independent, and transparent third-party standard to ensure that the business is creating a public benefit.
It is helpful for CPAs and attorneys to be familiar with Delaware's statute as a point of understanding and comparison to the MBCL adopted with some variations by the majority of states.
Under the MBCL, businesses can decide whether or not to select specific public benefits.
Environmental concerns: The MBCL requires the board and officers to consider the effects of any action or inaction upon various stakeholders, including the local and global environment.
The MBCL requires benefit corporations to assess their overall social and environmental performance against a third-party standard that is comprehensive, credible, independent, and transparent.
The MBCL describes the contents to be included in the annual report, including how the corporation pursued the general public benefit (and specific benefits, if any), any circumstances that hindered the creation of the general or specific benefits, the process and rationale for selecting or changing the third-party standard, and the assessment of the overall social and environmental performance against the standard.
[16] with DCBCL (primary diffuse large B-cell lymphoma of urinary bladder) 1 female aged 72 Abraham years with extranodal et al [17] monocytoid B-cell lymphoma (MBCL) derived from marginal zone lymphocyte 1 female aged 67 years with localized Epstein- Sundaram Barr virus (EBV) and Zhang positive B-cell [18] lymphoproliferative disorder (LPD)- polymorphous B-cell lymphoma of the bladder Oh and Zang [19] 1 male aged 35 yearswith diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (non-Hodgkin's lymphoma) Wang 1 male aged 45 et al.
Positive controls were included in experiments II and III: ascorbate 400 [mu]M in experiment II and ascorbate 200 [mu]M in experiment III, which produced MBCL fluorescence values equal to 6264.55 [+ or -] 503.20 and 6051 [+ or -] 71.24 respectively.