MBCOMiller Brewing Company (now MillerCoors)
MBCOMobile Broadcasting Corporation (Japan)
MBCOMini Bolide Club de l'Ouest (French radio controlled car club)
MBCOMinimum Business Continuity Outage
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The same concept is modified in order to be applied in order to estimate the following elements: a) the criticality of a business function and its dependent business processes and the decision making on whether to include it or not in the MBCO, b) its complexity and required effort in order to recover it in comparison with the proposed by experts RTO and MAO values and c) its classification to an exact recovery exercise category.
By implementing the BCTP approach, the MBCO will be formulated by accurately defined business functions.
Such functions should be included in the MBCO concept, which means that their immediate recovery after a system failure during a crisis event is essential.
Step 5 : Definition of the Impact Value Level and determination of whether a business function is included in the MBCO, by considering its value of Unadjusted Business Function Recovery Points (UBFRP).
However, if an exact definition of the above elements is desired by the organization, the process will be the same as it is in the case of complex IT functions that are included in MBCO.
The MBCO satellite will offer 50 audio channels, five imported from the United States, and 10 video channels on its system, which should formally debut in November.
From there, it travels via undersea cable across the Pacific Ocean to Tokyo and the MBCO control center, and from there to the satellite.
Refinery maintenance in Los Angeles and increased mid-barrel crude oil ("MBCO") demand in San Francisco reduced MBCO deliveries to Los Angeles.