MBCRMolecular Biology Computational Resource (Baylor College of Medicine; Houston, TX)
MBCRMinimum Battery Cost Routing
MBCRMassachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad Company, LLC
MBCRMidAmerica Border Collie Rescue
MBCRMorgan Brook Christian Radio
MBCRMobility-Based Channel Reservation
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'The effectiveness of MBCR stems from its focus on the whole person and not just the cancer diagnosis,' said Dr.
(17) y su experiencia clinica, adapta el MBCR a las necesidades de los pacientes oncologicos.
MBCR contends the winning bid had a series of problems.
(3) Min-max battery cost routing: min-max battery cost (MMBC) routing attempts to improve MBCR by avoiding the nodes with the least amount of energy remaining.
A Keolis spokesman had no comment on the MBCR position.
Keolis' bid was based on a profit margin 77 percent lower than MBCR's, and the French firm -- which operates rail systems in Europe and Northern Virginia -- had a higher overall rating than MBCR.
Transportation officials say that Keolis received a stronger evaluation than MBCR on both its pricing and its operations and maintenance plans.
MBCR has operated the system since 2003 under an initial five-year contract and a series of shorter extensions.
MBCR officials reply that Keolis' claims are untrue, and that they are continuing to reply to the "extraordinary volume of information requested."
Pesatoro said, "Working with commuter rail operator MBCR, the MBTA is developing a plan to add train trips to/from Worcester during the periods of the day in which there are gaps in the existing schedule."