MBCTMindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy
MBCTMelodic Based Communication Therapy (speech-language pathology)
MBCTMaplewood Barn Community Theatre (Columbia, MO)
MBCTMini Buggy Club Ticino (Switzerland)
MBCTMedium Brigade Combat Team (formerly Interim Brigade Combat Team; US Army)
MBCTMicrosurgical Bipolar Dissection Technique
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2008) el MBCT hallaron un mayor nivel de satisfaccion vital tras el programa de intervencion.
To our knowledge, no study has examined the impact of MBCT on psychological symptoms and indices of QoL in patients with SLE in Iran.
The theoretical foundation of MBCT is rooted in a desire to move beyond the limitations in traditional Cognitive Therapy (CT; Segal et al.
Both MBSR and MBCT have also been used as a prevention strategy to promote life style changes.
ABBT = acceptance-based behavior therapy (Roemer & Orsillo, 2009); ACT = acceptance and commitment therapy (Hayes, Strosahl, & Wilson, 1999); MBCT = Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (Segal, Teasdale, & Williams, 2002); DBT = dialectical behavior therapy (Linehan, 1993).
It is noted that there are many differences on the treatment practice in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and cognitive therapy (CT), although MBCT is integrated with the concept of cognitive therapy.
This makes mindfulness exercises particularly effective for people with depression and anxiety, and MBCT was specifically designed as a therapy for patients who have previously recovered from depression but who are still vulnerable to relapse (Segal et al.
Joshua Grijalva, Mexican Baptist historian and MBCT president from 1964-1966, identified three categories of responses from Anglo Baptists toward Mexican Baptist churches in their own association: (19)
He feels that for high-risk patients, intensive treatment such as MBCT could be useful and improve patient choice.
The above MBIS reviewed including MBSR, MBCT, DBT, act, and MDT are excellent modalities which can be integrated with other psychotherapeutic approaches to treat veterans with combat-related trauma and PTSD.
The study aimed to establish whether MBCT is superior to maintenance antidepressant treatment in terms of preventing relapse of depression.