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MBDMotherboard (computer)
MBDModel-Based Design (mathematics)
MBDMillion Barrels per Day (oil industry)
MBDMinimal Brain Dysfunction
MBDMental Breakdown
MBDManager of Business Development (various companies)
MBDMagnetic Bubble Device
MBDMega Baud
MBDModel Based Diagnosis
MBDMulti Band Delay
MBDMaster Batch Daemon
MBDMessier-Bugatti-Dowty (Safran SA)
MBDMetabolic Bone Disease
MBDMarketing & Business Development
MBDModel Based Definition (Computer Aided Design)
MBDMicrosoft Business Division
MBDMurder by Death (band)
MBDMethylene Blue Dye
MBDMy Brightest Diamond (band)
MBDMultichannel Blind Deconvolution (mathematical engineering)
MBDMortgage Banking Division
MBDManagement By Delegation
MBDMordechai Ben David (singer)
MBDMolecular Beam Deposition
MBDMorrison Bowmore Distillers Ltd. (UK)
MBDMontana Bird Distribution (database)
MBDMedicare Beneficiary Database
MBDMalta Business Directory
MBDMicro-Beam Electron Diffraction
MBDMarble Blast Diamond (Marble Blast video game)
MBDMobile Business Design
MBDMeteor Black Dragon (Yu-Gi-Oh! card)
MBDMember Board of Directors
MBDMysterious Black Dude (Metroid; gaming)
MBDMagnetic-Bubble Device
MBDMidland Business Development (Birmingham, UK)
MBDMusic Book Deluxe (karaoke software)
MBDMaximum Branching Degree
MBDmashed ball diameter
MBD4-(4-Methoxybenzylamino)-7-Nitrobenzofurazan (fluorogenic probe for hydrophobicity)
MBDMarching Band Dork
MBDMake-Buy Decision tree
MBDMakati Business District (Philippines)
MBDManual Burst Disable
MBDMini Bolides Draçénois (French radio controlled car club)
MBDMinimum Block Decoder
MBDMerchant Banking Department
MBDMonths Before Delivery
MBDMind and Brain Dynamics (University of Potsdam, Germany)
MBDMedieval Battle Day
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A recent study showed a time reduction up to 81% for CMM automation through MBD. Capvidia and its MBD partners generally have CMM automation at less than 3 hours.
IEA figures show Venezuala's output dropping by roughly 30,000 barrels per day to 1.26 mbd.
In terms of capacity, Jieyang refinery in China, Pulau Muara Besar refinery in Brunei and Jizan refinery in Saudi Arabia are the top three planned and announced refinery coking units for the 2018-2022 period with capacity of 153 mbd, 114 mbd, and 104 mbd respectively.
This research used a database of civil servants in Santa Catarina who have medical certificates for absence from work due to MBD (code F of ICD-10).
In addition to very low MBD, HER2 positivity was also shown to be a prognostic factor for breast cancer, independent of the widely used Nottingham Prognostic Index (NPI).
In the month of December 2015, Saudi Arabia with a population of 30 million consumed 2.29 mbd, just below 9th place Indonesia which has a population of 258 million.
On the demand side, IEA expects demand growth averaging 1.2 mbd through 2021, reaching 101.6 mbd by that year.
Available evidence, mainly from Europe and the United States, reveals that MBD and SREs substantially increase healthcare resource utilization (HCRU) and healthcare costs in cancer patients.
Meanwhile Opec crude oil output continued to climb in April, the IEA said, increasing by 160,000 bpd from an upwardly revised jump of 960,000 bpd in March as Iraq and Iran boosted output and top exporter Saudi Arabia held output above 10 mbd for a second consecutive month.
Saudi production has been almost flat since 2005, averaging 9.6 mbd in 2005,9.7 mbd in 2013, and 9.8 mbd so far in 2014.
For a person new to CBD and MBD, it appears to leave people spoilt for choice, when in fact there's barely enough considering the offices in the area.
Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division (MBD) and Koch Equity Development LLC will invest in a newly created entity that will buy Flint Group.