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MIZFMBD2 (methyl-CpG binding domain protein 2)-Interacting Zinc Finger
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MBD2 as a novel marker associated with poor survival of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma after hepatic resection.
RESEARCH into a gene called MBD2 could lead to new treatments for colon cancer, after experts discovered that switching it off prevents tumours from forming.
MBD2 belongs to a family of proteins which turn off other genes and research carried out in Cardiff has found that deactivating it prevents colon tumours from developing.
The Microtech MBD2 beam delivery system is designed for UV excimer lasers.
Researchers in Edinburgh hope their discovery of the MBD2 gene may help eliminate the need for painful chemotherapy treatments.
They believe that developing drugs which kill the MBD2 gene could mean chemotherapy or radio- therapy wouldn't be needed.
Targeting MBD2 Increase -Globin Expression in a CID-Dependent Human -YAC Murine Fetal Bone Marrow Cell Line
Although bowel cancer cells need the gene - known as MBD2 - if they are to grow, removing it does not harm normal cells.
The new findings reinforce this idea, as MBD2 is known to silence genes that have no mutations in them.
The MeCP2, MBD2, and MBD3 proteins belong to the MBD family and represent an important class of chromosomal proteins, which associate with protein partners that play active roles in transcriptional repression and/or heterochromatin formation (Wade 2005).
Primers were designed for DNMT1, DNMT3a, DNMT3b, MBD2, and [beta]-actin and were synthesized by Invitrogen (Carlsbad, CA) as follows: DNMT1 (gi: 6684524) (5'-ACCAAGCAAGAAGTGAAGCC- 3' and 5'-GCTTCCTGCAGAAGAACCTG- 3'), product size: 366 bp; DNMT3a (gi:18033252) (5'- C A C A C A G A A G C A T A T C CAGGAGTG-3' and 5'-AGTGACTGGGA AACCAAATACCC-3'), product size: 551 bp; DNMT3b (gi: 18033254) (5'-AATGTGAATCCAGCCAGGAAAGGC- 3'and 5'- ACTGGATTACACTCCAGGAACCGT-3') product size: 190 bp; [beta]-actin (5'-AGAGATGGCCACGGCTGCTT- 3' and 5'-ATTTGC GGTGGACGATGGAG-3'), product size: 460 bp.