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MBDBMethylene Blue-Directed Biopsy
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Derivados de la anfetamina: MDA: metilenodioxianfetamina: MDMA: R,S metilenodioximetanfetamina; MDE: R,S metilenodioxietilanfetamina; BDB: R,S benzodioxazolilbutanamina; MBDB: R,S-Nmetil-benzodioxazolilbutanamina; Derivados de la piperazina: benzilpiperazinas (BZP: N-benzilpiperazina; MDBP: R,S-metilenedioxibenzilpiperazina); fenilpiperazinas (mCPP: 1-(3-clorofenil) piperazina; TFMPP: 1-(3 trifluorometilfenilpiperazina; MeOPP: 1-(4-metoxifenil piperazina).
Differences between the mechanism of action MDMA, MBDB, and the classic hallucinogens.
CBI claims that the companies that allegedly benefited from the scam include Pashmina Mantri Realty, Sigrun, Entertainment World, Indore City Treasure, Lavasa, Ashapura Minechem, BGR Energy, OPG Group, Krishna Group, Suzlon, MRMGH, MBDB, Gold Sukha Project and JP Group.