MBDCMinority Business Development Center (University of Hawaii at Manoa; Honolulu, HI)
MBDCMcDonough Braungart Design Chemistry, LLC (product and systems development firm)
MBDCMid Bedfordshire District Council (UK)
MBDCMariana Bekerman Dance Company (New York)
MBDCMosquito Borne Disease Control (Western Australia Department of Health)
MBDCMicro Banking District Center (Indonesia)
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The group also claimed MBDC did not meet its commitments in the contract with PEA for the sale.
It is exciting to have L'Oreal supporting the momentum behind the Cradle to Cradle movement," says William McDonough, co-founder of MBDC.
The MBDC and CAP loan have been extremely influential for Sterling's Gray Environmental Data Services business.
The Elective Elements product line is also MBDC Silver Cradle to Cradle certified and level 1 certified to the BIFMA e3 sustainability standard.
Since MBDC introduced the C2C framework in 2005, more than 300 products and 90 companies have engaged in the C2C certification process, including Herman Miller, Shaw Industries, Method, Ford Motor Company and Aveda.
GreenShield has been assessed by MBDC (Materials Benchmarking Assessment) from a cradle-to-cradle perspective.
The postal service hired environmental consulting firm MBDC to ensure e-waste would not be shipped to developing countries.
The suppliers that have been with us for a while understand the MBDC process and know the importance of recycled content and easy disassembly and whether the material is green, yellow, or red.
In his recently released book based on his reality show, "Living Like Ed: A Guide to the Eco-Friendly Life," Begley guides consumers to products tested and certified with the Green Seal or the third-party MBDC label, founded by William McDonough and Dr.
Founded in 1995, MBDC (7) is a product and process design firm which claims to transform its client organizations through an innovative eco-effective design approach known as "Cradle to Cradle" certification.
After MBDC completed its work in December 2006, Steelcase's first order of business was to develop exit strategies for each of the "red" materials identified.