MBDDMultiple Bit Differential Detection
MBDDMultistate Binary Decision Diagram
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When adjusted for the other significant health care, family, and community factors, an exploratory multivariate model showed that only lacking a medical home and fair or poor parental mental health remained significantly associated with having an MBDD (Table 2).
Prevalence of ever having any mental, behavioral, or developmental disorder (MBDD)* by parent report, among children aged 2-8 years, by selected characteristics--National Survey of Children's Health, United States, 2011-2012 Characteristic Any MBDD Prevalence p value prevalence ratio (95% CI) (95% CI) Overall 15.
The prevalence of MBDDs and health care, family, and community factors among U.
MBDDs can substantially affect health care, families, and communities.
The identified health care, family, and community factors associated with child MBDDs in this report have each previously been documented to be associated with poverty (6).
The factors most strongly associated with MBDDs in early childhood were lacking a medical home, fair or poor parental mental health, and difficulty getting by on the family's income.
Increased awareness of the association of these factors with MBDDs by agencies serving children, (e.
First, the presence of MBDDs was based on parent report and might be subject to recall error or bias.