MBEAMichigan Business Education Association
MBEAMissouri Business Education Association (Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education)
MBEAMissouri Broadcast Educators Association (Jefferson City, MO)
MBEAMarilyn Burns Education Associates (Math Solutions)
MBEAMerchant Bank of East Africa (Uganda)
MBEAMinority Business Enterprise Act of 1980 (Ohio)
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Considering the possibility that non-symptomatic TLE (nsTLE) could alter the functions for musical cognition in a general way, and following lateralization of epileptogenic focus (LEF), this study was carried out with the aim of exploring the psychometric properties of the MBEA, comparing cases with the condition with a control sample.
Contingent rewards (CW) is correlated significantly with success, but Management-by-Exception--Active (MBEA) has a slight negative correlation with success, but is not statistically significant.
The measurements for the full-range leadership (IA, IB, IC, IM, IS, CR, MBEA, MBEP, LF) were continuous variables (metric measurement).
Avolio and Bass (2004) treated transactional leadership and passive-avoidant leadership as different styles of leadership and recommended not to use a unique score for each of these styles but the four independent scores of each dimension, namely, CR, MBEA, MBEP, and LE The current study suggests the possibility of using a single score for each of these styles.
Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ-5X) will be used to measure professors' transformational, transactional MBEA, and Passive-Avoidant behaviors.
Trois artistes musiciens chanteurs (Zalazulu, Naa mbea soumai, et Hakao Wanto) revendiquent leur identite gbaya et montrent que le nom de Wanto a un role de repere culturel dans leurs oeuvres.
Let Mbea submanifold of a generalized f.p.k.-space form [M.sup.2n+s] ([F.sub.1], [F.sub.2], F).
Management-by-exception, active (MBEA): refers to the vigilance of a leader whose goal is to make sure that standards are met.
Teachers' experience was also found positively correlated with teachers' perception of Idealized Influence Behavior (IIB) (pless than .01) Contingent Reward (CR) (pless than .01), Individual Consideration(IC) (pless than .05) and Management by Exception Active (MBEA) (pless than .05).
Let Mbea conjugation manifold and N the fixed submanifold, then the Thom space Th(M) is a conjugation space with fixed subspace Th(N).
Let L be a 2-concave sequence space and let Mbea sequence space such that [(L').sub.[2]] = M'.
Let Mbea tangent developable spacelike surface generated by [gamma].