MBEPMinority Business Executive Program (University of Washington and Dartmouth College)
MBEPMichigan Biomass Energy Program (Lansing, MI)
MBEPMinority Business Enterprise Program
MBEPManagement by Exception Passive (methodology)
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The measurements for the full-range leadership (IA, IB, IC, IM, IS, CR, MBEA, MBEP, LF) were continuous variables (metric measurement).
Table 5 reports that IM, IC, CR and MBEP perceived leadership played a statistically significant role in differentiating salespersons who were Not Satisfied with their job from the salespersons who were Satisfied (reference group) with their jobs at least at 5 percent level of significance.
Unlike IM, IC and CR, salespersons who perceived MBEP leadership style among their leaders were 288.
Who should attend: MBEP -- Owners of minority-owned companies with three to five years of experience, at least three employees and annual sales of $500,000+.
5 million Seattle trucking firm, attended the MBEP program in 1991 and returned for the AMBEP program in 1993.