MBEPMinority Business Executive Program (University of Washington and Dartmouth College)
MBEPMichigan Biomass Energy Program (Lansing, MI)
MBEPManagement by Exception Passive (methodology)
MBEPMinority Business Enterprise Program
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Management-by-Exception: Passive (MBEP) waits until there is a problem and then responds to it.
Not surprisingly, a lack of leadership (MBEP, LF) is negatively correlated with success, indicating a higher probability of project failure.
From the test of -2LL, there is a statistical significant relationship between the IM (p-value 0.028<0.05), IC (p-value 0.047<0.05), CR (p-value 0.008<0.01), and MBEP (p-value 0.018<0.05) leadership styles (independent variables), and the salespersons' job satisfaction (dependent variable).
Table 5 reports that IM, IC, CR and MBEP perceived leadership played a statistically significant role in differentiating salespersons who were Not Satisfied with their job from the salespersons who were Satisfied (reference group) with their jobs at least at 5 percent level of significance.
Avolio and Bass (2004) treated transactional leadership and passive-avoidant leadership as different styles of leadership and recommended not to use a unique score for each of these styles but the four independent scores of each dimension, namely, CR, MBEA, MBEP, and LE The current study suggests the possibility of using a single score for each of these styles.
II(A) 2.57 2.50 .61 .75 II(B) 3.19 3.25 .55 1.50 IM 3.41 3.50 .52 1.50 IS 3.00 3.00 .57 1.00 IC 2.90 3.00 .56 1.00 CR 2.89 3.00 .57 .25 MBEA 2.89 3.00 .63 .50 MBEP 1.85 .75 .54 .00 LF 1.41 .25 .43 .00 Totals TL 3.01 3.05 .41 1.67 TcL 2.89 2.88 .48 1.25 PA 1.63 .63 .40 .00 Coefficient Leadership of Styles Max.
* The Minority Business Executive Program (MBEP) and Advanced Minority Business Executive Program (AMBEP) at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College
Full Range of Leadership Model (Nine-Factor) Transformational Transactional Laissez-Faire Leadership Leadership Leadership Factor 1 Factor 6 Factor 9 Idealized Influence Contingent Reward (CR) Laissez-Faire Attributes (IA) Factor 2 Factor 7 Idealized Influenced Management-by-Exception Behaviors (IB) Active (MBEA) Factor 3 Factor 8 Inspirational Management-by-Exception: Motivation (IM) Passive (MBEP) Factor 4 Intellectual Stimulation (IS) Factor 5 Individualized Consideration (IC) Table 4.
* Who should attend: MBEP -- Owners of minority-owned companies with three to five years of experience, at least three employees and annual sales of $500,000+.
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